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Kevin Khanh Ngo Photographer

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About Kevin Ngo

Kevin Khanh Ngo, a professional photographer, moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada a few years ago. He has been settling into this welcoming and fast growing city by providing his photography services such as portrait, wedding, event, food as well as inspired images for fine art aficionados. 

With his fresh eyes and unique point of view he travels throughout Maritimes region capturing the beautiful landscapes and submitting them to the online photo-stocks such as GettyImages.ca. His works have been purchased by some of our largest and most successful companies. 

Photography is his passion, he offers community inspiration, offering photographs in exchange for modelling opportunities, offering the one-on-one outing session to instruct those who love to create beautiful inspiring images using photography. He also offers instruction in Photoshop/Lightroom by workshops to anyone looking to improve their post-processing skills.

His objective is to make people more aware of  our Maritime beauty. The world class publication from England ”Natural Wonders of the World" which recently selected his work offers a good example of the level of passion and skill found in his work.

National Geographic Magazine #218, in June 2018 also used his breathtaking photo for the famous floating market in Mekong River