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How Much Should a Website Cost?


Images and Graphics Budget

        • Budgeting for website images is an important decision

        • This is because images can cost from five to hundreds of dollars in the good images-stocks

        • However budget at least $250 for getting the enough images

        • Ideally, getting a good professional photographer who can go working on your location is best choice. I also provide this service.

Preparation for Your Web Content

        • Once the process reaches the text phase, a large expense for small business companies is to write their professional content

        • Costs can be as high as $100 per page if you need content writers

Web Design and Maintenance

      • Domain name : $20 - $25 / year depending on the service provider you choose.

      • Hosting : $100 - $150 / year depending on hosting services and billing terms.

      • Web design : $1500 or more depending on complexity.

      • Host setting-up and web implementing : $75.

      • Web maintenance : $$$ / year and up depending on quantities of updates. (send a request for quotation here)

      • Web development : $$$ charges depend on the specific requires. 

      • Marketing your website online ~ This would require consultation but advised.

Do You Need a Mobile Layout?

        • Mobile devices are being used more and more nowadays; hence your site should function easily and be a comfortable fit for your visitors

        • Mobile design is different from desktop design, it means your site will automatically change layout to look "very smart" on smart devices

        • This design can cost 30% to 40% more on top of the desktop version

Remember Maintenance Cost!

        • Maintaining your website is important, many small business handle it themselves, but this is not the best approach. Letting a professional do it frees up more time to take care your clients

        • Maintenance costs will depend on your needs and expectations (send a request for quotation here)

        • Budget a minimum for a backup and restore procedure in the event your site faces a problem

        • More charges will be incurred if additional work, such as updating content, images, newsletters, media, etc. are needed

So How Much Is It?

        • For a small business website, a good budget point would be starting at $1500 to bring you from concept to the final design and implementation

        • Don’t skimp on the quality of professional images; if you do, visitors won’t stay on your website for reading your long business text